FilePro 1.0.151

Analyse your disk drive for duplicate files


  • Locates duplicate files
  • Recovers lost disk space
  • Takes a snapshot of your system


  • Scans take a while
  • No progress bar to show you the status of scans


FilePro helps you recover lost space on your disk drive by performing a full analysis of your disk drive. It finds files and folders that have been duplicated or are of no use to your system and offers you the option of delting them.

After a thorough and lengthy scan of your hard drive, FilePro shows you an easy to read file tree of all the files and folders on your hard drive and orders them from biggest to smallest so you can see and find files that occupy a lot of space that you don't need anymore.

You can ask FilePro to search your entire drive or just folders that you specify. From the list of results it presents, you can delete, compare and open the folder of each file. FilePro completes the process by creating a snapshot of your system so that it can locate duplicates in future searches and it also features a tool that allows you to compare files and folders. This is an efficient file checker although the scans do take a long time, expecially when checking your entire disk drive.

Saleen FilePro is a powerful disk and file management utility that offers Graphical representation of disks (Disk Treemap), Creation and comparison of disk snapshots and Synchronization of directories (one-way).

It also includes options for locating duplicate files, batch renaming of files, generate disk treemaps for local or network volumes and enables you to search and locate files in treemaps by automatic zoom-in and positioning.

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FilePro 1.0.151

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